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A New You for the New Year

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A New You for the New Year

Measures To Avoid Once You Get Laser Hair Removal

Adam Newman

In years past, laser hair removal treatments were considered a staple for celebrities and the rich, as these treatments came with an exorbitant price tag. But this is no longer the case. As more and more people are throwing away their shavers in favor of laser hair removal, there has been a growing demand for this treatment among regular people, which has made it more financially accessible. But just because laser hair removal has become more commonplace does not mean that everyone is aware of what to expect.

Failure to acquaint yourself with the right aftercare steps to take will not only slow down the healing process but could interfere with your results too. Fortunately, taking care of the treatment after getting laser hair removal does not have to be complicated. This article provides you with an outline of a few of the measures to avoid once you get laser hair removal.

Avoid heat

The first thing to keep in mind regarding laser hair removal is that it entails burning the hair follicles by using laser beams, as this prevents them from sprouting hair in the future. Thus, the skin on these hair removal sites will be exposed to considerable amounts of heat during this process, leaving the areas slightly sore. To make sure that you do not exacerbate the soreness, you must avoid any direct heat on these areas for the first few days after the treatment.

First, if you got laser hair removal on your private parts, it is recommended to wear loose clothing so that the skin on these areas does not get excessively warm, sweaty, and, consequently, irritated. Second, it is advisable to avoid hot baths, showers, saunas, and more for the first couple of days. Third, steer clear of tanning beds for a few weeks or until completely healed.

Avoid cosmetics

You could be thinking that once you receive laser hair removal, cosmetic products that are applied to these areas will work more effectively, and you would not be mistaken. However, before you go about applying deodorant, body lotions, and other products on the parts of your body that received this treatment, you should know that you must stay all-natural for the first few days.

Deodorants, for example, contain a wide array of chemicals that could sting the sensitive skin on your armpits. Resultantly, this area can become inflamed after laser hair removal. The same goes for body lotions, bronzers, and other cosmetic products that you may be tempted to apply on your newly hair-free legs. Admittedly, your skin may feel dry after laser hair removal but to make sure you are not at the risk of skin inflammation, you should skip moisturizing too.

For more information on laser hair removal, contact a professional near you.