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A New You for the New Year

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A New You for the New Year

How Nose Job Surgery Can Help You Live A Better Life

Adam Newman

Nose job surgery, which is also known as rhinoplasty, is able to transform the shapes and sizes of many people's noses and may be what you need to feel better about your appearance. This procedure can also be good for medical reasons in some cases. Once you've had a nose job, you'll likely notice a big difference in how you see yourself and how other people respond to you.

Correct Shape and Size

Not everyone is born with a nose that's seemingly perfect. Your nose may look too long or short, or perhaps it's too wide or narrow to match the rest of your face. You could also have a nose that has an upward or a downward curvature at the tip that makes you feel more self-conscious. Whether shape or size abnormalities are caused by genetics or trauma to the nose that altered its appearance, a nose job can correct the problems so that your nose will have a desirable shape and length. 

Match With Other Facial Features

One side of your nose may appear bigger or have a different shape than the other, and this can make your nose look asymmetrical. Your nose may also be taking away from the symmetry of the rest of your face. The rhinoplasty techniques that a surgeon uses to sculpt your new nose can improve the symmetry of your nose so that it looks more attractive and matches the rest of your face better.

Better Breathing

Structural irregularities of the nose can make breathing more difficult, and getting enough air may be especially problematic for you at night if obstructions in your nasal passages are interfering with your breathing while you're sleeping. A broken nose, a deviated septum, or unusually narrow breathing passages are just a few of the problems that can contribute to breathing difficulties, and nose job surgery can often address these problems to help people like you breathe freely without any airflow obstructions.

Fewer Sinus Problems

Nose job surgery can reduce the number of sinus infections that you get by opening up constricted nasal passages that prohibit the sinuses from draining properly. The extra room in your airways will allow your sinuses to drain as they should so that mucus doesn't get trapped in them and cause an infection. You may also experience less sinus pressure and fewer headaches after your surgery.

Improving your appearance and lifestyle may be as simple as correcting any problems with your nose through surgery. A cosmetic surgeon who performs nose job surgeries regularly can meet with you for a consultation so that you can ask any questions and receive further information about the advantages of this procedure.