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A New You for the New Year

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A New You for the New Year

Is A Tummy Tuck The Answer To Your Back Pain?

Adam Newman

If you've struggled with back pain for years, you may have already tried treatments like heat, massage, and even chiropractic therapy, only to find that the pain keeps returning. For women with diastasis recti (separated stomach muscles) after childbirth or for men or women who have lost a great deal of weight and have some excess stomach skin, a tummy tuck surgery may be the answer to this chronic pain problem. Read on to learn about when back pain can be treated with tummy tuck surgery.

Diastasis Recti and Back Pain

When women give birth, their abdominal muscles can stretch so far that they separate entirely, known as a diastasis. Diastasis recti is the technical term for this condition, which can lead to bulging and rippling in the stomach area.

But diastasis isn't just a cosmetic issue; for some women, this lack of core support can bring the cervical spine out of alignment, causing back pain. And for those who wind up with a cesarean section, cutting into the stomach muscles can sometimes cause a diastasis or make it difficult for women to maintain their abdominal strength. 

While diastasis can resolve on its own, for some women, corrective surgery can be necessary. When these stomach muscles are surgically re-tightened, they can once again support the back and organs through all the activities of daily living.

Excess Skin and Back Pain  

Anyone who has had fluctuations in weight for much of their adult life, including the weight fluctuations caused by pregnancy, can wind up with some extra skin on their stomach and sides. For many, this issue is purely cosmetic; but for those who lost a substantial amount of weight or who have had multiple pregnancies, this excess skin can be like carrying around a heavy fanny pack on a regular basis. You may also find yourself hunching over in an unconscious attempt to hide this skin from others. 

By removing just a few pounds of extra skin, tummy tuck surgeons can give you the strength to stand fully upright and exercise without bouncing, both of which can significantly reduce back pain.

Other Options

Before going under the knife, you'll want to rule out any other causes of your back pain. Otherwise, while you may emerge from this surgery with a tauter stomach, your back pain may not be relieved. Additionally, unless your back pain is severe enough to prevent you from fully taking part in your life, surgery is likely to be viewed as an option of last resort. In other words, surgery is your best bet only if more conservative treatments haven't been effective.