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A New You for the New Year

As I get older, I’m constantly searching for ways to maintain a youthful appearance. I faithfully apply moisturizer to my face two times each day. I also regularly utilize a portable microdermabrasion system. However, despite my efforts, I’m starting to notice some undesirable fine lines around my mouth and under my eyes. Therefore, I may need to step up my plan. I know my available options are plentiful. For example, I could choose to inject collagen into my lips, get Botox injections, or undergo a chemical peel. On this blog, you will learn about the advantages of undergoing various cosmetic procedures.


A New You for the New Year

Tired Of The Way Your Belly Looks? Why It's Time For A Tummy Tuck

Adam Newman

If your belly doesn't look the way you want it to, you're not going to be satisfied until it does. Problems with your belly can make you self-conscious about your entire body. Unfortunately, there are some belly problems that can't be fixed by a diet and exercise program, no matter how hard you try. If you're tired of the way your belly looks, it's time to talk to a cosmetic surgeon about a tummy tuck. A tummy tuck can restore the appearance of your belly and give you back your self-confidence. Here are four signs that it's time for a tummy tuck. 

Your Weight Loss Left You With Excess Skin

If you had a significant amount of weight to lose, you might not have been warned about the excess skin that would be left behind. Unfortunately, it's not uncommon to be left with excess skin on your belly, especially after drastic weight loss. While some of the excess skin will work its way back into shape, most of it will linger behind for years – or maybe forever. A tummy tuck will remove all that excess skin and leave you with a firmer looking belly.

Multiple Pregnancies Have Left You with Weak Muscles

If you've gone through multiple pregnancies, your stomach muscles might not be what they used to be. Pregnancies can wreak havoc on your stomach muscles. After the first couple, the muscles will usually go back to their pre-pregnancy condition. However, with each subsequent pregnancy, your stomach muscles will get weaker and weaker. If you've lost all muscle tone in your stomach due to multiple pregnancies, a tummy tuck can help. Your cosmetic surgeon can go beneath the layers of skin and body fat to repair the muscles and restore the appearance of your belly.

Your Tummy Hasn't Bounced Back from the Last Pregnancy

If you wished that your belly would bounce back to pre-pregnancy shape as quickly as most celebrity bellies do after childbirth, it's time to talk to your cosmetic surgeon. One of the benefits of a tummy tuck is that it can remove that excess skin and fat that's left behind after childbirth. Once you have your tummy tuck, you'll be able to donate those maternity clothes to charity.

You Just Don't Like the Way Your Belly Looks

If you just don't like the way your belly looks, a tummy tuck can help. Tummy tucks aren't just for removing fat left behind after weight loss or restoring your belly to pre-pregnancy status. Tummy tucks are beneficial when you're just ready for a new you.